Que Paso? Puerto Morelos February 26th, 2013

Just another glorious morning, here, the wind is finally taking a nap so we can put the boats out again! Have you seen the new Live Cam ! You can actually see people walking the beach and taking out the boats.

Reminder : next Wine Tasting with Food Pairing is this week, Friday 6pm at Casa Caribe, please book ahead. Understanding the Wines of Argentina is the theme, five different wines are sampled. Chef Cristobal is creating some plates of food to match the wine and theme. Great fun evening. Bookings 998 2518060 or cat@puertomorelosliving.com 350p per person . You need to book so we can have enough food and wine.
Following that we have Friday 6pm - March 15th Across the Andes to Chile,  March 29th Understanding French Wine, April 5th Understanding Mexican Wine,  April 11th (possible Wine and Tequila) then April 19th All about Food and Wine pairing.

 We have been challenged recently with email correspondence, if I have not answered you in a timely manner odds are I did not receive your email or you did not receive my response. Please make sure your server allows to receive mail from our main address cat@puertomorelosliving.com. Please try emailing again or use an alternative email address such as this one!catbrown8@gmail.com Or try through Facebook if that does not work here.https://www.facebook.com/catriona.brown2
I was assisted in the firestorm by computer geniuses Luke Suchocki (Wisconsin) and Jon Knauf (Puerto Morelos)  and aided by Rick Creyts (Missouri). What an amazing world we live in.

I WAS EATING SUSHI IN PUERTO MORELOS LAST NIGHT! Its just fun to be able to say that! Chef Ruben worked in a Japanese restaurant in Mexico city and has opened inside Luna Llena (drive through colonia to the Extra that marks the start of Villa Morelos 1, to the right 2 blocks). It is called Hoshi Sushi and has a wide range of sushi and a few other items. You can call ahead to order they are open 11am - 11 pm, 998 8655717, closed Fridays. You can order Sushi from him and the full menu from Luna Llena as well, more pics below.

PROMOTIONAL  LAND SALE Just told that one of the blocks of land a at the El Rey Polo Club is up for sale at a new lower price! If you load the map pf the lots you can click on Lote 64 to get the details http://www.elreypolocountryclub.net/plano.htm Lote 64 normal sale rate is USD30 per sq m USD308,610 for over 10,000 square metres of tropical forest PROMOTIONAL PRICE USD77,800.00 Enquiries to : Manolo Calvo mcalvoz@yahoo.com.mx here ph: 52 998 2791364.  Finance available. Currently ejido land (native title) with government title in process. ALSO lote 21 is up for sale RIGHT ON THE POLO FIELD 5463 sq metres USD120,000 contact Marilyn 52 998 2069122 or by email marilyn@traveltreasures.com

Goods are priced very low to benefit the people of PM
Volunteers on bazaar day have a great time
CHARITY BAZAAR MARCH 9TH 9-1PM TOWN SQUARE raising money and awareness for El Mundo para Puerto Morelos, town charity that raises money and collects donations for the schools in Puerto Morelos, emergency services, medical clinics and families in distress. We need your treasures for the bazaar please drop them at Patti and Emily's phone 998 2057550 or pearsonmexico@yahoo.com. We will also be having an AMAZING silent auction! Already businesses have donated great items like dinner at John Grays and classes at The Little Mexican Cooking School please call Mary Jordan for more details 998 1485991 or kalimagic@msn.com. It's a great promotion for your business to be involved and an easy way to donate. More pics below

Edible delights in The Little Kitchen Shop
Caribe continues to carry food and other kitchen related items that are unavailable elsewhere in the region making great gifts to take home. Great prices on unusual crafts and the great Cook Book from the The Little Mexican Cooking School

The Little Mexican Cooking School has just launched its all new look new website!! With many thanks to photographer Kathi Littwin www.kathilittwin.com from Brooklyn. You can see more of her great photos by clicking here   (View new website here!)
and the fabulous Ellen Fields from Yucatan  Living.

Front page of the new website www.thelittlemexicancookingschool.com
Bargains galore
Organic Chiapas coffee and Mayan Chocolate and other goodies inside the Little Kitchen Shop and at Luna Llena - Pizza and Sushi!

The Menu at Hoshi Sushi (you can click to enlarge images)
Delicious tempura

Que Pasa? February 2013 What's going on?

Puerto Morelos in 2013 A breath of fresh air.

Puerto Morelos - early evening relaxing on the pier

Local artists were invited to decorate the Community Library - this is Maricela's mural 
Wine and Food Tasting 2013 series of classes, Sergio Rossini opened the season, Cecilia Moreno will be the teacher for 15 February

 Friends tell me they just look at the pictures to see the news in my newsletter! So, this edition is a pictorial news edition showing what's new and old in Puerto Morelos and the Colonia (other side of the highway). You might be missing us, you might be on the way here and you'll need to know what's new. The Next Wine Tasting and Food Pairing is Friday 15th Feb at Casa Caribe then every 2nd Friday, see all dates and details in the post BEFORE this one ph 52 998 2518060 or cat@puertomorelosliving.com to book! Remember you can click on any of these photos to enlarge. It was a struggle putting these photos into blogger - let me know if I missed something new! best, Catriona

Remember Calling all volunteers - for a fun time for a good cause - CHARITY BAZAAR MEETING 10 am Friday 15 February at Casa Caribe on Rojo Gomez! Come along and join in! to help the community. Bazaar Saturday March 2nd.
5pm Primary School 14 Feb (in Puerto Morelos Centro) Valentine's Day Music Festival great annual fundraising event.
14Feb 6pm Town Square - Public meeting with Police Chief

The Little Mexican Cooking School - in its 4th year of operation - this season has 7 new menus, each one from a different culinary region of Mexico

Bill Lee and Emily great Puerto Morelos fans on the beach in the rain

Colonia  - barbecued goat 8am Sunday morning, really yummy

Hooked ! - Kathy had to be rushed up to the clinic to have a hook removed from her hand, one of the risks of her business - caught lots of fish tho!

Carbonero - new chicken restaurant, done all sorts of ways, and salads on Ninos Heroes near John Gray's. Closed Sundays

Casa Caribe guests - happy honeymooners
Dragon Mart demonstrators gathered in Puerto Morelos on Sunday afternoon, in the background you can see that what used to be Hola Asia is now a salsa lesson studio.
Puerto Morelos - fairy floss on the pier

PM gift store Jadecomisio - lovely little store in the 'mall'

Cancun Invasion - one of 4 Cancun style 'souvenir' stores to open in PM in the last month - this business owned by a Cancun person (who has a chain of stores) and the staff who work there are all from Cancun
Tshirts that say Cancun, Riviera Maya and Puerto Morelos - trying to hit every button.

Puerto Morelos wear - Hobo by The Archivist Michele Julian now at Casa Caribe (modelled by Coco). Designed in Puerto Morelos made in the Yucatan

Casa Caribe Guests

Colonia - Rosa Mexicana in the warm afternoon sun.

New road - joins Ruta de Cenote road and Colonia - thanks CFE?
Puerto Morelos - Habanero's UNDER RENOVATION!!!

Ann and Allan Elliot are regular contributors to the town charity, El Mundo para Puerto Morelos. This time they brought 3 computers donated to the Bacchileres (high school) and shirts for the fire fighters

Colonia - new arts centre - dance, aerobics, singing, kick boxing
New mural on the wall of the frozen food warehouse by the highway - a local lobster carrying the town on its back

Colonia - never a shortage of party wear

Colonia - street scene. If you look closely you will see that 8 Hermanos was changed to 4 Hermanos, what happened!

With my new chef Cristobal Tamariz adding a touch of glamour to the school

Al Chile - new Mexican restaurant opened by Chimmichurri's - you can eat there or at Taninos and have Chimmichurri food served or vice versa!

Colonia - huge trench going down the main avenue in preparation for all the coastal power lines to go underground

Colonia - fun new mural at Piccudo's fish restaurant, south end of main cross street
Xmas Carolling Choir put together by expats strutt their tunes at the Beach Bar to great enjoyment of all

Cute little Panna y Chocolatta shop with icecream on Rojo Gomez
Colonia - My Little Italy's new location
Colonia - Fonda Americana Grill, the new place to eat, north end of main cross street
Colonia - next to Pemex, healthy drinks and snacks
PM town square - La Casa del Pescador reopens with new paint
Colonia - behind Pemex Quesadillas de la Colonia newly painted and new menu items
Puerto Morelos - on Rojo Gomez opposite Habanero's, Uwe opens early serving great breads and pastries
Puerto Morelos Town Square - Salsiccia great sausages fresh or cooked in a baguette
Puerto Morelos - fishing tournament announced for May 4,5 and 6
The Little Kitchen Shop - a must see in Puerto Morelos, gorgeous edible items to take home, all clear customs! at Casa Caribe.
Sunday Brunch at Casa Caribe has become a tradition with locals, lovely breezy terrace and consistly good food makes for a very pleasant morning 9am-1pm Sundays, a la carte
Colonia: Creative fencing at Anita's Polleria
Newest restaurant in town La Casa del Farito, great location next to the Lighthouse!
New Location for an old favourite, El Pirata on Ninos Heroes
Casa Caribe guests
PM - new fish taco restaurant on Ninos Heroes - Camaron Chelero
Newest building in town - unfinished, hope they get the money soon! The store on the left has sundresses, shirts, pottery and they live in Puerto Morelos
Our Chef Pablo and Maureen finally opened his own restaurant on the town square, El Nicho!
Cettina, Pablo, Deysi and helper with donated food for the vets at the spay and neuter clinic
Beach Bar now called Unico north end of beach - has been presenting some great entertainment, fun place to hang out
Colonia - sweet little guest house in the main cross street, Kinsol
The high school (bacchileres) was very happy to get this projector donated - El Mundo para Puerto Morelos .com
Mago can teach you how put batik designs on fabric - 3 mornings of 2-3 hours each - email for bookings

Mago is also offering classes in stained glass! Her lovely salt and pepper shakers are in the store and you can learn how too while on holiday! Email for bookings.
Flowering plant heavy scent of honey drove the bees crazy in November.

There is a lovely lady who stays at Playasol who every year knits dolls for the kinder children they love them ABOVE Colonia house with letterbox and satellite dish
Colonia - Catholic Church's new paint work
Colonia scene - the goat is slow roasted in a pit
Colonia  - early morning ice delivery for the butcher
The buckets with the scent are put in empty lots with palm trees around Puerto Morelos
The State government sets traps - pineapple with attraction scent - if you want to report an infestation call 01 800 9879879
Rhynchophorus ferrugineus Olivier - these are nasty red weevils that destroy our palm trees
CREATIVE HOUSING putting packing crates to good use, a whole row of housing made from recycled goods - Necessity -  the mother of invention
I was on the winning team in last year's Copa del Rey. Managed to fit in a trip to see my Mum in Melbourne and attended a friends wedding in Brazil and caught up with friends and family in Sydney
In Melbourne for the first days of Spring when the wattle blooms

Sailing on Sydney Harbour with Marianne, MArnie and Smita
In Brazil returning from the wedding in style

My Mum and my friend Smita in Melbourne